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Bringing IT together – After months of working together we are delighted to announce that SmarterWays Ltd and Neustro Consulting Ltd are coming together to form Neuways – Smarter Working IT.

SmarterWays has for the past 10 years focused on providing a large team of IT Support Analysts and Technical Specialists and providing break/fix support and great Point Solutions to its many customers with a focus on value.

Neustro have concentrated on working with larger SMEs (and some large enterprises) delivering strategic IT consulting, business process consulting and fully managed services since 2005.


Bringing the businesses together to work closely with all of our customers means that as Neuways we can provide a broader range of services for those that need it; from procurement of good value point solutions to strategic IT delivery and managed support to meet a growing business’s needs. Neuways has close to 50 employees whose considerable talent and experience in all areas of the IT industry, both technical and functional, means we are now able to really focus on what our customers want to achieve going forward.

We offer a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of IT, whatever your ambitions and on whatever scale. We can expertly deliver IT systems that will grow with you and ensure that you are safe at all times. Most importantly, we offer IT and business consulting to deliver a robust, coherent and scalable IT strategy that will meet your future plans – we can now confidently be your IT Support, IT Supplier, your trusted advisor or your IT department.

To find out what we are all about, take a look around our new website and see what’s changed and improved and how we are key to building and supporting your Smarter Working IT future.

We are dedicated to providing tailored IT solutions to businesses across the UK.

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