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Neuways - Smarter Working IT

Getting To Know Neuways

Neuways exists to help businesses grow through effective implementation and support of the right IT solutions.

We serve as a dedicated partner for businesses who require IT security and support services managed by experienced, expert technicians. With over 10 years supporting over 200 companies worldwide, we know that every company needs a bespoke approach to IT based on their unique needs.

We also know that cyberspace can be a daunting arena for many companies, so our business is making sure your business has secure, functional and well implemented IT capabilities. We support and manage your IT and cybersecurity, so you can get on with doing what you do best, safe in the knowledge that you have a reliable partner in Neuways.

We’re different to other IT support companies – when you choose to work with us, you don’t just get outstanding IT support. You get access to decades of industry and enterprise experience. For us, IT isn’t just something we support. We’ll help you use your IT to grow your business – and you can take advantage of our unique insights into enterprise IT.

We get to know your people and your systems so we can make your IT work for you. We don’t use industry jargon – we make the intricacies of IT accessible and we’re always on hand to help. That way, your IT can be a tool to assist you in your growth, and not something that holds you back.

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What Makes Neuways Different?

You should know that we don’t use product sales targets at Neuways – it leads to solutions being sold left, right and centre to businesses that don’t really need them. Sales targets are incompatible with our philosophy of considering customer requirements in-depth and always putting them first. Instead, we measure our success by the positive impact we have on your business.

Similarly, we don’t have a growth target. We’re confident that if we’re good at what we do, and provide excellent service, we’ll grow organically – and we always have.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Statement

Neuways is a proud leader in environmental standards.

Our £1.2m Head Office in Chellaston, Derby, is fully equipped with solar panels that generate much of our electricity. We also have a unified recycling culture, with recycling points throughout the building.

As a business in the IT sector, Neuways has the opportunity to leverage technology to lower our carbon footprint, and that of those in our supply chain.

We use online web-based technology for meetings and calls and our support team is primed to make remote fixes wherever possible. This saves on petroleum use, but it also increases our productivity and allows us to service our customers more quickly and efficiently.

But it isn’t just Neuways that benefits from our environment-first ethos. The solutions we offer, including cloud computing, allow our customers to work greener, extending our impact across the country.

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Neuways at Glance

IT Consultancy and Strategy

At Neuways, we only offer what is appropriate for your business. This is encapsulated by the fact we never set sales targets. Therefore, we’ll never sell you services or solutions just to make up the numbers. Instead, we measure our performance on customer satisfaction, in line with their IT Strategy.

IT Security

In the current threat landscape, you need a holistic cyber security approach that encompasses prevention, protection, monitoring, detection and response. Failing to bring your company’s cyber security up to standard is an amateurish, high-risk strategy for your business. We can help.

IT Support

Don’t take the risk of relying on ad-hoc or one-off support when you encounter IT problems. Our Managed IT Support service means we are a business partner giving you peace of mind that the experts are looking after your entire IT provision.

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