Darren Turner

Technical Manager

As Neuways Technical Manager, I am responsible for overseeing the day to day running of the Neuways Technical Support Department. I previously worked for a manufacturing company for more than 14 years as an internal IT Manager, before joining Neuways in the autumn of 2009. As one of the original employees of the Neuways support team, I have seen the company grow in size considerably and go from strength to strength.  I thoroughly enjoy being part of the incredible journey and I am proud to work for what I believe is one of the premier managed security service providers in the UK. 

Having previously worked in the manufacturing industry, I gained many years’ experience in running ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MRP (Material Resource Planning) systems, which allows me to appreciate the need for IT in a modern world, and the impact IT-related problems can have on a business. 

When I see a ticket for ‘Despatch Printer not working’ I immediately think of the impact this may have on a customer not getting goods out of the door.  When I see a ticket for ‘can’t access CRM system’ I see this as a potential for customers not being able to produce quotes or take orders.  As far as I am concerned, we are not just dealing with customers’ IT issues, we are dealing with their business issues, and this is the message I aim to instil across the support team here at Neuways. 

A passion for customer service 

At Neuways, our company ethos is built around ensuring we deliver world-class support when handling your problems, rather than adding to them. 

When we receive a call to the support desk there is a very good chance the person on the end of the phone is already frustrated because they are calling us with a problem.  The last thing they want is to be listening to on-hold music for what can feel like an eternity.  That’s why we have made it our mission to ensure phone calls are responded to within a matter of seconds and not minutes.  When we work on their support issue, we know our customers want it to be dealt with effectively and with the highest level of support. To ensure we meet these demands, I spend a significant amount of time focusing on our service desk KPIs with our team leads and Service Delivery Manager. 

Each technician’s individual performance is also closely monitored to ensure we are performing optimally throughout.  I have been heavily involved in the transformation of our internal systems to make monitoring support activities something that we can do in an easy, efficient manner.  This includes designing a number of internal wallboards to help our technicians stay in control of support calls, ensuring that SLA’s are met, and calls are dealt with effectively. The results of which can be seen in our time-to-respond and time-to-fix call statistics. 

I have a passion for delivering exceptional customer service and continue to strive to improve in all aspects of delivering this. I pride myself on having a customer-centric focus and will always try and put myself in the customers’ shoes, as I have been there myself in the past. 

I am a firm believer that the Neuways ‘product’ isn’t a lovely new server or a shiny new firewall.  It is the ‘service’ and, in particular, the people who are delivering that service. I will continue to challenge the technical team to grow and improve in all aspects so that our customers see us as more than their preferred choice of IT Support Provider, but as trusted advisors. 

Out of work Darren

Away from work I have enjoyed many varied pastimes over the years including playing competitive football for over 20 years before moving on to playing competitive squash for close to 10 years. I enjoy travelling and have visited the picturesque Niigata mountains in Japan to source Koi Carp when I used to be an avid Koi Keeper. In January I can usually be found hurtling down a mountain somewhere in the French Alps on my snowboard, however more recently I have taken up the more sedate sport of golf, which is great as I now get to participate in charity golf days that the company supports.