Aspen House and Westwood, based in Derby, are care homes specialising in ongoing, complex mental health care and have worked with Neuways since 2013. Working across two sites, connectivity is crucial to ongoing services for staff and patients.

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Connecting care, anywhere

IT from Neuways has enabled enhanced connectivity between the two sites through the implementation of Microsoft Office 365. This has allowed Owner, Bally Johal, to work seamlessly across both sites, in addition to managing staffing resources remotely.
Communication between the care home teams has been vastly improved as a result of cloud computing, introduced and managed by Neuways. It isn’t possible to be in two places at once, but with Office 365, staff are able to share patient documents securely and ensure that the best care is being administered, with greater efficiency.
The impacts from IT are not only felt internally, however. A move away from an on-site server to the cloud has removed a layer of complexity between the care homes and the medical organisations they rely on, including local GP surgeries and pharmacies.

The flexibility of being able to access my work anywhere and back up work automatically has made a huge impact on our business.

– Bally Johal, Care Home Owner

Ultimately, the patients receive these benefits in turn. With staff empowered with access to individual patient information instantly, Aspen House and Westwood can deliver a more personalised care package. This means more time spent with patients, caring for their needs.

Bespoke managed services

Internet security is paramount for any business, but organisations working with vulnerable people are expected to take particularly robust measures to ensure the handling of personal data is both responsible and adequate.

Therefore, Neuways tailored an IT managed services plan exclusively for Aspen House and Westwood, monitoring their IT and ensuring that personal data remains secure and protected.

“The support guys are great… our business simply could not run without them.

– Bally Johal, Care Home Owner

Neuways also provide a regular vulnerability scan so that the care home management can demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the NHS, and other key stakeholders, that reasonable steps have been taken to bolster cyber security and data protection.

Aspen House and Westwood can therefore focus on delivering outstanding care whilst Neuways’ IT managed services and email security deliver peace of mind.

Download the Aspen House & Westwood Case Study

The future of Healthcare

Neuways has recently worked with Aspen House and Westwood on building a custom web forms feature that has reduced the number of steps for staff to record patient information.

Beginning the roll out with Westwood, staff at the care home have already seen significant success. Whereas paper recording previously took at least an hour and a half, the digitised method now takes only 20 minutes.

Time is money, but it’s far more than that in care terms. The time saved means that care staff can better serve patient needs. The faster inputting of patient information has also meant that any changes required to client care can actioned far more quickly.

“The team at Neuways are amazing, always ready to help, and are professional in every way! They don’t just pick up the phone – the support team take time to explain things very clearly. Their communication is what makes the difference.

– Bally Johal, Care Home Owner 

Digitising Aspen House & Westwood has virtually eliminated paperwork. Moving patient information online has saved time, money, and space, with information no longer required to be stored physically for an extensive duration of time.

Instead, Aspen House and Westwood can now store patient records in the cloud. This means that they are easily accessible, compartmentalised in the cloud, and more secure.

“Paper recording used to take at least an hour and a half, 3 times a day and now it takes about 20 minutes, 3 times a day!

It’s such an exciting process and the change is already enabling me to be aware of client’s needs and changes in their care. I wish I had pursued this path earlier.

A HUGE thank you to Mike and the rest of the team. Well worth every penny!!!.

– Bally Johal, Care Home Owner 

As a result of Neuways’ bespoke approach to IT solutions, process improvements at Aspen House & Westwood care homes have led to increased growth and therefore a larger capacity for patients.

Download the Aspen House & Westwood Case Study

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