Based in Blackpool, family-run Sell-a-Vend trades in new and used vending machines, ranging from water dispensers to snack and coffee machines.

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Requiring experts to manage their IT, Sell-a-Vend approached Neuways for managed IT support in 2010 as a result of our shared value of forming strong, collaborative relationships with our customers. Our business relationship with Sell-a-Vend has developed over the years, and Neuways now supports their entire IT infrastructure.

Total Security, Managed

Sell-a-Vend is an experienced industry vendor, and they required an IT partner with a wealth of expertise in managed services, which is where Neuways came in. We got to know Sell-a-Vend’s business and assessed how their IT could best assist their operations.

As part of our managed service provision, Neuways now monitors and supports Sell-a-Vend’s business devices, including all of their workstations and servers. This is a crucial part of the business continuity strategy that Neuways planned and implemented for Sell-a-Vend.

“We love Neuways! Nothing is too much trouble for them and they will always help when we have an IT issue. They are a friendly team of IT workers but with a professional approach! Thank you Neuways for helping us all!

The Team at Sell-a-Vend

Disaster Prevention

Prevention is better than cure, therefore Neuways installed a range of industry-leading cyber security solutions to complement Sell-a-Vend’s managed IT support strategy.

For example, email is the primary form of business communication. Reflecting this reliance, 91% of cyber attacks begin with a spear phishing email. Neuways therefore closed this gateway into Sell-a-Vend’s business with an email security solution that scans and quarantines malicious content as it surfaces.

As part of Sell-a-Vend’s managed service, Neuways installed and continues to monitor their network security. This means that Sell-a-Vend’s network, which connects the entire business, is protected against malicious attempts to overwhelm devices with malware. It also ensures that any data stored on the network is secured with industry-grade network security.

To lock down potential threats against Sell-a-Vend, Neuways added a further layer of security with a cloud-based anti-virus solution. Consulting a comprehensive database, this solution keeps every device within the
business protected against all the latest virus-based threats.

“Fantastic service and an extremely amenable company…they are always happy to help and prompt at responding to even the smallest query

The Team at Sell-a-Vend

With their IT supported by Neuways, Sell-A-Vend has been able to trade with confidence in their IT systems, knowing that their IT is supported and maintained no-matter if or when a problem occurs. This has saved them time, money, and stress as a result.

Download the Sell-a-Vend Case Study

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