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What is GDPR?

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation, that was enforced on May the 25th 2018. Introduction to the GDPR by the European Commission can be read here:

How is Neuways helping their customers to become GDPR Ready?

If you’re a Neuways Managed IT Services customer, then Neuways are helping protect your IT systems from intrusion, as well as making sure your IT infrastructure is patched and up-to-date – however, it is still ultimately your business’ responsibility to make sure everyone in your company adapts to the new GDPR procedures.

You can read what Neuways’ GDPR responsibilities are here:
Neuways’ GDPR Responsibilities

After all the work that the Neuways GDPR team is doing, will my business be fully GDPR Compliant?

GDPR is essentially not an IT function, but the work that Neuways are carrying out to your IT systems will help your IT systems in being more secure in protecting your data.

What happens if I discover a data breach after the 25th May 2018?

Please report the incident to the ICO, by clicking the following link:

Reporting to the ICO

or the relevant authoritative body for the country for you.

If the Data was an electronic breach, please call Neuways support and speak to one of our dedicated GDPR Champions and they will assist you in coordinating a report for the ICO

Is it compulsory to register with the ICO?

If you are a UK based company you can check if you need to register here:

What will happen if I ignore GDPR?

If your business is reported to the ICO (or relevant authority), and your business has done nothing in regards to the GDPR, then it could result in a significant fine up to 10 million Euros (€), or 2 percent of your global annual turnover.

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