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What is malware?

Malware is a blanket term for lots of different types of malicious software. Malicious + software = malware.

There are lots of different types?!

Unfortunately, yes. There is ransomware, which steals or encrypts all your data, and ransoms it back to you. There is spyware, which infiltrates your PC and steals sensitive information such as account credentials. Those are just two of the most dangerous and virulent types, but there are countless more out there.

Should I be afraid?

Afraid – no. Aware – yes. Malware is out there, but with the right solutions, and an educated, aware workforce, businesses can keep themselves safe.

How can I get the right solutions? How can I educate myself and my colleagues?

Neuways can help you get the best solutions for your business, however, they will all be for nothing if human-error still lets malware onto your systems. That’s why Neuways can also offer education courses on malware and good practice.

Quickly, what are your top tips for staying safe from malware?

  1. Get a good set of security solutions.
  2. Don’t open links in suspicious and unsolicited emails.
  3. Stay educated on the threats and trends in cyberspace.

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