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What does ``on premise`` actually mean?

It is short for “on premises,” although admittedly not much shorter.

Oh, that's straightforward then. That refers to having things on-site?

Precisely. Things such as servers, storage devices and software being located within the physical parameters of a business rather than being remotely hosted elsewhere.

Is on premise the way to do things?

It really depends on the business and its requirements. There are many advantages to on-premise solutions, and there are some areas in which the cloud has the advantage. It will vary depending on what you need.

So there isn't a ``one-size-fits-all`` approach?

No, there isn’t. A lot of businesses today use a hybrid approach – a combination of solutions, some on-premise, and some in the Cloud, in order to provide the utility they need.

That sounds quite IT-heavy. How do I go about working out what I need?

If you drop us a line here at Neuways, we can help you work out the best solutions for your company. We don’t have any vested interest in selling you anything that you don’t need, and we won’t try to – we’ll just help your business to operate at its highest level.

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