GDPR Countdown

Countdown to GDPR


Are You Ready For GDPR?

What is GDPR?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new Data Protection law which was first approved March 2016, although a grace period was granted for businesses, meaning GDPR (in most cases) isn’t enforceable until 25th May 2018 – for any data within or relating to the EU and it’s members.

What Does GDPR Mean For My Business?

If your business is located within the EU, or deals with data from the EU, then you will need to be GDPR ready. GDPR mandates protections and provisions for any organisation that controls or processes any personal data within the EU. There are no exemptions from GDPR, which requires every business – even yours – to be GDPR ready.

The main points you must take into account are:

  • The way you process data
  • How you store data
  • Protection for data
  • Special conditions in which you can obtain data
  • What data you can and cannot hold

Please note: “Personal Data” refers to any information regarding an EU citizen.


Helping You With GDPR

Neuways would like to help educate you on becoming GDPR ready. Some companies may use sale scare tactics or try to make you spend money on consultancy – Neuways don’t take those approaches; our strategy is: Be GDPR ready, Neuways are here to educate.

The countdown on this page is merely an indication that informs you how long it is until GDPR is enforceable in the UK.

Stay tuned with Neuways for more GDPR updates in the near future

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