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Neuways GDPR FAQ

Looking for a GDPR FAQ? This is a dedicated page to helping you find out all the important answers to the questions you may have about GDPR. Scroll through the content below, or alternatively ask Neuways a GDPR question, using the contact form on this page.

What Is GDPR?

GDPR, which is the abbreviation for General Data Protection Regulation, is an enforced regulation that is in force as of May the 25th 2018. The introduction to the GDPR can be found here:

How Are Neuways Helping Their Customers To Become GDPR Ready?

Neuways are helping you protect your IT systems from intrusion, by making sure your infrastructure is patched and up-to-date. However, it is still ultimately your responsibility to make sure everyone in your company adapts to the new procedures.

After All The Work That The Neuways GDPR Team Have Carried Out, Will My Business Be Fully GDPR Compliant?

The GDPR is not an IT function, but the work that Neuways have carried out on our managed customers’ IT systems will help their business to be more secure, which, in turn, helps protect their data.

What Happens If We Discover A Data Breach After The 25th May?

Please report the incident within 72 hours of acknowledgement to the ICO: Reporting to the ICO, or by reporting to the relevant authoritative body for the country in which you are based. If the data breach was an electronic breach, please call Neuways support and speak to one of our dedicated GDPR Champions, and they will assist you in coordinating a report for the ICO.

Is It Compulsory To Register With The ICO?

If you are a UK based company you can check if you need to register here:

What Will Happen If We Ignore The GDPR?

If reported to the ICO (or relevant authority) and you have done nothing in regard to the GDPR, it can result in a significant fine of up to €20 million or 4% of your global turnover – whichever is higher.

When Will GDPR Preparations End?

Never – the GDPR is an ongoing process. You should have your policy and procedures in place, ideally before the 25th May 2018, and employee education and vigilance will continue to be an important aspect of every company.

How Do I Know If I’ve Had A Data Breach Or Lost Data?

If you are a managed support customer of Neuways, then we will let you know if there has been a forced intrusion, but it could be a person with the data who reports you. Some losses/thefts can go unnoticed for a while – without active monitoring from your end.

What Is A DSAR?

A DSAR is a Data Subject Access Request, where a person (data subject) can ask for ANY personal, relatable information that you hold on them. You cannot charge for this and have 30 days to deliver this information in a machine-readable format.

Will Neuways be providing any GDPR Training?

No. As an MSSP company, Neuways are making sure that our managed customers’ systems are GDPR ready, the best they can be. We explicitly do not provide GDPR Training. 

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