Information Security
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Crucial parts of your business that you should be proactively addressing

Information security (InfoSec for short) and cybersecurity are not synonymous. Information security is a broader area concerned with the protection of information in all formats. Cybersecurity is the protection of cyberspace against any sort of nefarious intent.

There is obviously a large amount of overlap between the field of cybersecurity and information security today because most of our information is collected, stored and transmitted digitally. That’s why you not only need comprehensive information security policies but an effective cybersecurity setup. In fact, to successfully implement an effective infosec policy, you practically can’t do without cybersecurity.

Why is cybersecurity so important?

Maintain regulatory compliance

You are required by law to protect the data you hold – especially that relating to people.

Data breaches
cost money

Not only are data and security breaches unbudgeted expenses, you can now be fined large amounts in the GDPR era.

Your data is valuable to criminals

Cybercriminals are after your data – email addresses and similar information. It fetches a fair price on the dark web’s black markets.

Can’t see it, can’t manage it

You need effective solutions combined with managed security services to visualise and effectively protect your data.

Neglecting your cybersecurity is a dangerous gamble.

If you store client information on computers or send it via emails, for example, you’re going to be in need of a cyber component to your infosec policy.

Your corporate network is a gateway to the information you hold on your customers and suppliers. It needs protecting from cybercriminals.

If you take backups of your data, you need to ensure they’re encrypted and safe from hackers.

Employees using their own devices for accessing your corporate network need to be regulated by a comprehensive Bring Your Own Device policy.

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Having the best solutions in place is the first step towards securing your business. What the most conscientious businesses do is to entrust the ongoing management of their IT security to professionals, to combat the increasingly professionalised world of cybercrime. At Neuways, we offer managed support plans to maintain and monitor cybersecurity defences, which help you in your goal of being compliant with the raft of legislation relating to information security today.

We work with companies across a range of industries, so we’re experienced in dealing with the cybersecurity needs of a range of partners.

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