Internet of Everything (IoE)

Unifying People, Processes, and Data through Technology

Technology can solve the most resource and process-intensive challenges in business, delivering proactive solutions for emerging issues.
This is how Neuways used technology to solve logistical challenges:

The Problem

Supply and demand can be a delicate balance. If supplies are not proactively audited, a shortage is inevitable at some point.
This can be frustrating and can cause a bottleneck in business operations, slowing productivity.

The Solution

Anything that damages productivity is a challenge that we at Neuways are experienced at solving – especially when that challenge can be overcome with the Internet of Everything (IoE).

In this case, we attached a micro-switch to a button. Designing a mount for the switch and a sleeve for the button, we then used a 3D printer to bring them to life. These were then fitted inside a device to detect movement.

As the exhausted supplies drop, it presses the micro-switch, which then sends an email alert to ensure timely stock replenishment. This then feeds into our ERP system, delivering analytics and insights on stock control.

Internet of Everything Explained

Internet of Everything in action

Neuways harnesses the Internet of Everything to solve fundamental business issues.
Whether it’s resource management, logistics, or even streamlining the journey between the customer and your product, Neuways has a solution.

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