IT Services

Neuways is a proactive service provider dedicated to providing our customers with continuous and uninterrupted IT services.

We take customer service very seriously and have dedicated account managers who are experts in a variety of industry sectors helping them to gain a thorough understanding of the pressures and problems you may face and ensuring you are looked after at all times. We have a range of customers from small through to enterprise so we have dedicated experts in each area to ensure you receive constantly high levels of service and communication.

As well as monthly calls to check everything is on track, you will also be able to speak directly to your account manager, safe in the knowledge that they are working closely with our technical teams to have a total understanding of your IT needs.

Data Centre

We use a Data Centre to colocate your equipment in our secure and resilient hosting environment. This not only saves you the cost and complexity of building your own infrastructure, but also gives you peace of mind that your equipment is safe and secure with us.

Cloud Computing

As a Microsoft Cloud Partner, Neuways are able to help you embrace the benefits of Cloud Computing and realize some of the key benefits of Increased Mobility, Scalability, Reduce Capital Expenditure, Simplify Budgeting and Latest Software.

Data Backup and Recovery

Data backup, including BDR (backup and disaster data recovery) and managed storage prepares businesses for unexpected disasters and minimises the level of disruption and downtime in event of a disaster.

Neuways offers a complete managed data backup service, where your files are instantly and automatically protected plus we monitor these so we can alert you to any problems as and when they arrive. We offer onsite and offsite backup taking away the hassle for you and providing you with restored, accurate data should the worst happen.

Disaster Recovery

It is essential for businesses to have a realistic and reliable disaster recovery plan and Neuways offer DRaaS (disaster data recovery as a service) which gives you the ability to recover and replicate your IT infrastructure and applications in the event of a disaster.
This will ensure you have business continuity by minimising downtime and disruption to customers and employees.

Email Continuity

Neuways provide an affordable email continuity service that activates in minutes, providing virtually uninterrupted access to email in the event of a problem.

This ensures your email system, including contacts, calendars and distribution lists, are restored to the email server quickly in a secure manner using advanced encryption technologies.

Email Filtering

With the increase in email borne threats including viruses and spam, it is now essential that companies have adequate protection to safeguard their information and maintain productivity.

Neuways can provide cloud-based services to give you email Protection and Continuity which delivers world-class security with no hardware or software to buy, no backups to run, and no maintenance to perform — saving money and freeing up resources to focus on more strategic tasks.

Complete Inbound Email Filtering

Neuways can offer products that have Global Threat Intelligence, which proactively protects against advanced anti-malware capabilities, and grey/bulk mail filtering capabilities.

Protecting your business against the world’s latest threats, defeating zero-hour attacks, and blocking phishing, advanced malware, and over 99% of spam well before they reach your network.

Comprehensive Outbound Email Protection

We can help you to easily comply with regulatory and company policies by properly identifying and handling malware, inappropriate emails, unauthorised content, and company-private information before it leaves the network.

Hosted mailbox users of Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Business can also easily leverage these outbound email protection capabilities.

Continuity for Outage Protection

Companies now rely heavily on email, and downtime directly impacts the bottom line. SaaS Email Protection and Continuity gives you peace of mind that your employees can remain productive during email service outages with access to incoming email via the web portal.
All incoming emails are then delivered to you once the downtime is over.

Server Recovery Testing

We virtually test servers for their ability to recover in case of any unforeseen event – this is one of the most critical issues in software development.

Neuways provides a quick and inexpensive way to test your server recovery thorough performing a complete server recovery test in our state of the art facilities using the latest Microsoft virtual server and the newest software within 24 hours.

Server On-Site

You can choose whether to recover and store your data to an onsite virtual environment or an offsite location with reduced disruption to your daily business activities.

Neuways can recover your backed up servers quickly and effectively either onsite or offsite through cloud data storage and replication.

Email Archiving

Neuways offers innovative software and cloud-based email archiving solutions that help your business to efficiently store, manage and access emails.

This can help to reduce the costs and complexity of managing large volumes of data whilst ensuring compliance and legal requirements.

Software and Licensing

We have got fantastic rates on a range of licenses because of our qualifications and accreditations. You could also take advantage of excellent hardware and software deals across the range of suppliers we work with, including Microsoft and Dell.

Before recommending any cloud-based services, we undertake an extensive fact-finding mission, to ensure that it is right for your business. We realize that no two businesses are the same, and that cloud computing services are not always right for every business.

Remote Working

With significant growth in this area, it is imperative that businesses are protecting their data when remote working. As well as bringing a wide range of benefits to businesses, mobile working also has significant security risks such as unauthorized access, data breaches due to lost or stolen devices, plus ‘Bring Your Own Device’ problems.

Neuways provides managed two-factor authentication as well as other secure solutions to help protect your valuable data for the way your business works. All of which are secure, reliable and cost-effective.

“It’s been great working with our Neuways technician today on our new server installation - thanks Neuways.”

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“Benefiting from Neuways experience has switched my way of thinking regarding IT issues and how crucial it is to trust your IT advisor. We have total faith in the products and service Neuways provide for us.”

WPS Westward

“Neuways have taken the time to gain a greater understanding of our business requirements. This has enabled them to implement immediate IT improvements as well as advising on longer term strategies. Our dedicated Neuways account manager and technicians collaborate with us and share their knowledge and experience to provide responsive tailored solutions.”

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“We praise the Neuways technical team, our IT is working well for us and Neuways support has helped free up a lot of our time.”

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