Our own business analytics and visual management suite, built and deployed at Neuways

If you can't see your business clearly, you can't manage it effectively

NEUVue360 is our own Business Analytics and Visual Management suite, full of programs that gives you the ability to visualise data about your company in intuitive and useful ways. This allows you to identify and target areas for improvement across your company. With actionable insights at your fingertips, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors with new customer service practices and better business processes.

At a time where product is increasingly commodified and price increasingly competitive, outstanding customer service and original business practices can be the key factors that set you apart from your competitors.

NEUVue360 is the suite of business analytics and visual management tools that can help you to do exactly that.

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ERP/CRM integration

Take every data source from across your business and integrate them to create intuitive blended reports to provide the ultimate in visual management.

3CX telephone system

3CX is a software-based, open standards IP PBX that offers complete Unified Communications, out of the box.


Vera2 works with 3CX and NEUPresence to display incoming calls onscreen, along with caller details pulled from your databases and the call handlers available so managers can visualise their resources.


NEUPresence integrates the 3CX phone with the handlers PC, so you can visualise the work patterns of teams and individuals.


Integrate data from your CRM or ERP with 3CX and Vera2, so your call handlers can see the ID of incoming callers on their PCs alongside current data on why they’re calling so you can deliver outstanding service.


Powered by PowerBI, NEUBoards let you visualise business processes – putting them in plain sight. If it can be seen, it can be managed, allowing people and managers to ensure targets are being met.

ERP/CRM Integration

Get actionable data in digestible reports from PowerBI and Neuways

Like most businesses, you probably spend a fair amount of time inputting data into your Customer Relationship Management or Enterprise Resource Planning System. But how many insights are you actually getting in return for those efforts?

Even if your data is being exported, do you then have to spend hours poring over spreadsheets to actually make any sense or use of it?

With NEUVue360, we can take that data and present it in the form of easily digestible reports, charts, graphs and infographics – so your data becomes easily actionable. Insights about your business will be clearer than ever, meaning managing your business just got easier.

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3CX Telephone System

Your PBX, your way: On premise or in the Cloud

The software-based, open standards IP private branch exchange (PBX) 3CX allows for complete Unified Communications out of the box.

It also allows for a number of innovative integration options with the NEUVue360 suite that means 3CX can actually be a telephone system that forms the basis of an excellent customer service system that you can build upon NEUVue360.

Using 3CX as part of NEUVue360 allows you to see who is calling in to your business, how frequently, and how long for, so you can target resources effectively. You can also track how long it is taking you to answer calls so you can maintain or improve your levels of customer service.

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Get more out of your CRM with Vera2

As calls come into your business, Vera2 checks if the Caller Line Identification is in your database. If so, Vera2 can display the ID and relevant information on a screen. This could be a supplier calling back with a quote, or a customer calling back in relation to an outstanding order – the information can be drawn from your CRM and made available before the phone is even answered.

This means that you can attain higher levels of customer service in your business. Calls from the same number will be annotated and if the caller has telephoned earlier in the day the last call handler’s name is displayed. Call handlers can then continue previous conversations without internal transfers and offer a more personal interaction – whether it is a sales enquiry turning into a sales order, or a service caller providing further information.

Managers are also able to track calls by customer, time and duration, call answering by department/individual, call flow and call handler performance, to allow for insights into resources and efficiency.

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Boost efficiency and productivity

In it’s most basic form, NEUPresence is an integration between the 3CX telephone system and the call handler’s PC. When the call handler leaves their desk, they log out of their PC and the telephone is automatically set to Do Not Disturb – also showing the availability on Vera2.

Advanced functionality allows for the reason for being away from the desk to be recorded upon return. Categories can be set, such as ‘Break/Lunch’, ‘Training’, ‘Meeting’ or ‘Research’.

From this data captured it is possible to present information such as work pattern by individual, work patterns of teams, and how your staff receive their training – such as formally or “on the job.” This data, presented in easily actionable forms, allows for the targeting of resources, reviews of working patterns and how training is delivered in your company.

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Become more responsive to your customer calls

We can integrate data from your CRM and ERP with 3CX and make your company responsive to customer calls. When the call handler answers a call then the caller ID and selected related data can be brought forward on their screen so they can be immediately up to speed without having to question the customer. Not only does this show you’re really making efforts to make life easier for your callers, it can also drive efficiencies and boost productivity.

For example, if you sell, NEUConnect can be configured to bring forward outstanding quotations relating to that customer, so your call handler can respond in context. If you offer a service, NEUConnect can raise current service tickets so that you can immediately address the outstanding customer’s concern. NEUConnect can be configured for any business.


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Total visibility for your business.

Put your business in plain sight of all your people so that everyone can take responsibility and proactively manage your levels of service. NEUBoards are powered by Microsoft PowerBI to offer clear, actionable infographics about the performance of your people and your business to empower everyone to work smarter and deliver on objectives and deadlines.

NEUBoards can be made visible across your offices so your teams can visualise their performance and service to your customers, help them strive to beat performance levels, and avoid slip-ups or issues. By putting these areas in plain sight with NEUBoards, you can drive your business performance to new heights.

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