Where Customer Experience Meets Business Intelligence

NeuVue360, our customer service software suite, brings together the best of customer service and business intelligence to allow for data-driven decision-making.

NeuVue360 is a suite of tools developed in-house by our business software experts to streamline the customer journey. NeuVue360 makes it as easy as possible for your customers to access your services whilst giving you in-depth intelligence about how you provide your services.

This software is essential for any organisation where customer interaction is the cornerstone of your business.

At the heart of this suite is a VOIP-based phone system provided by 3CX. Built around the 3CX phone system is a network of value-add functions that display detailed caller information and enable enhanced resource management.

Business Intelligence – How neuvue360 is a Game-Changer

NeuVue360 is the ultimate companion for your business.

Highlighting operational performance, NeuVue360 delivers analytics relating to your business processes and customer experience.

For example, you may wish to assess your caller wait times service level agreement targets, or your staff availability. All of these, and more, can be assessed through NeuVue360’s live reporting – allowing for a dynamic approach to business.

This information can also be used strategically to identify opportunities for increased efficiencies.

NeuVue360 insights will also improve your customer experience. Displaying caller information and integrating touchpoint intelligence enables your team to service your customers more efficiently, improving the customer journey.

What’s Included in NeuVue360?

ERP/CRM integration

NeuVue360 can import existing data sources across your business and generate intuitive reports – giving you a new view across your operations.

3CX telephone system

3CX is a software-based telephone system that integrates with your existing IT network. 3CX identifies the customer and routes their call to the right team, streamlining the customer journey.


NeuCall powers the BI behind NeuVue360, allowing managers to generate reports as wide or as specific as necessary. Working with NeuPresence, NeuCall can equip management with strategic data.


NeuPresence is the crux of interactivity between 3CX and end-user devices, tracking your staff availability. Advanced functionality displays the reasoning for unattended workstations including ‘training’, ‘meeting’, or ‘research’.


NeuConnect is a look-up solution that takes the incoming caller’s ID and matches it to a unique record in your CRM database. This advanced caller information is then relayed to your call handlers in order to better inform their customer service.


Powered by PowerBI, NEUBoards let you visualise business processes – putting them in plain sight. If it can be seen, it can be managed. This drives efficiencies and focus, and makes management by exception possible.

Why NeuVue360?

What NeuVue360 can offer your Business

NeuVue360 encompasses your entire business, offering both operational and strategic benefits. This means that all your key stakeholders, from customers through to decision-makers will see tangible results.

Operational Benefits
NeuVue360 helps your staff get to know your customers

When you first interact with a customer, NeuVue360 uses your CRM to generate a bespoke customer portfolio. This portfolio is filled out with data from every interaction, allowing your staff to get to know your customers.

NeuVue360 also enhances the customer experience.

With the customer portfolio, your staff are informed about customer needs before the conversation. This allows your team to act proactively, leading to a smoother customer journey.

Strategic Benefits

NeuVue360 helps your business make smarter decisions. Faster

The BI tools offered by NeuCall and NeuBoards, as part of the NeuVue360 suite, enable key stakeholders to make informed decisions for the business and manage by exception.

NeuVue360 does this by allowing board-level decision-makers to place strategic data in plain sight. Increasing data visibility encourages data-driven decision-making, which in turn, can grow your business.

Whether it’s planning staff availability, identifying customer habits over time, tracking staff performance, or identifying trends or inefficiencies – NeuVue360 can deliver truly actionable intelligence for your business.

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