Fact: You need a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Only 6% of companies without a disaster recovery plan survive a disaster. Businesses with a disaster recovery plan report increased savings, enhanced system reliability, improved security and reduced insurance premiums – even without having experienced a disaster. With increasingly severe consequences for data breaches due to legislation like the GDPR, failing to plan is planning to fail. Your business needs a business continuity and disaster recovery solution.

We offer the most innovative solutions in the field of backups and business continuity. Our business continuity and disaster recovery solutions contain features such as incremental hourly backups and the ability to restore data and systems just minutes after disasters strike, reducing downtime to a minimum. These are outstanding advantages over traditional backups.

Protect your business from disaster


We can provide instant virtualisation in the cloud in the event you suffer hardware failure, meaning you can continue to operate with minimal downtime.

your data

We can back up your data as frequently as every 5 minutes, more effectively protecting your data and your business.

is money

With the cost of just an hour of downtime potentially reaching thousands of pounds, and repairs costing even more, the right backup is a great investment that will save you money in the long run.

of mind

Our certified technicians have extensive experience working with our BCDR solutions so you can be assured you’ll have the support to accompany them.

Why do I need a backup solution?

Accidents happen. And so do disasters.

Disaster can strike at any time. Hardware, such as servers, can fail. Ransomware or virus outbreaks can cripple your systems. Employees can accidentally delete or lose critical data. A diverse range of events can be termed a disaster, but they all have one consequence – downtime for your business.

Downtime can cause irreparable damage to your data, your reputation, your customer relationships, your income, and your overall business health.

The range of threats arrayed against your business is incredibly diverse. If you don’t have a business continuity and disaster recovery solution in place, you are gambling with the future of your company.

Why choose Neuways to support you?

Neuways can ensure your business stays operational

Our business continuity and disaster recovery solutions are insurance that really pays out

We can wholeheartedly endorse the business continuity and disaster recovery solutions we offer to customers because we use them ourselves. That also means our technicians are expertly qualified to support you in your use of them too.

We think of our BCDR solutions as the ultimate insurance. In the event of a disaster, you can get your business up and running again within minutes, by replicating your entire environment virtually in the cloud. This enables you to continue trading with minimal downtime. This is a huge advantage over traditional backups, which can leave you waiting hours, days or even weeks before you get back on your feet. It’s an insurance policy that pays out, immediately.

Paired with expert support from Neuways, this can save your business from crippling financial and reputational damage. Don’t risk your company’s future on reluctance to act. Let us secure your business’ future today.

Protect my business from accidents and disasters

Your IT can transform you into a market leader

Grow and transform my business

Our solutions work best as part of our managed services

Secure the future of my business
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