Why do I need an email security solution?

Poor email security can be an open invitation for cybercriminals to wreak havoc on your business

Email phishing is the most common cause of security breaches among UK businesses. These breaches are generally a launch pad for more malicious attacks, such as ransomware or other malware infections. Email is the attack vector of choice for the common cybercriminal, so it’s absolutely crucial you don’t leave yourself vulnerable.

However, email is probably the primary application you rely on for communication too, therefore potentially exposing you to a very high level of risk.

This is why Neuways offer best-in-class solutions for email security and archiving. We offer outstanding threat protection, adaptability, durability and recovery all in a variety of easily-implemented packages that can be tailored to suit your business. This way, you can continue relying on your email to keep your business running.

What are the threats?

Threat protection

Our email security solution combines multiple technologies with globally-gathered threat intelligence to holistically improve your email security whilst reducing your costs.


You need to move and adapt quickly to stay ahead of the latest attacks. We’ll continually update our analytics and your email security to keep you aware and protected.

Always Available

Our email security solution provides email that remains 100% available while ensuring data integrity in the event your emails are forced offline by attacks.


We’ll simplify and automate the process of recovering email in the event of loss, such as disaster or accidental deletion, providing a clear advantage over competitors.

Don't let your email be a gateway to business compromise

75% of businesses have been compromised by a phishing email in the past year

Cybercriminals are industrious, but generally, their first approach is to take the path of least resistance – phishing emails are a low-effort tactic with a surprisingly high success rate. 1 in 10 phishing emails is successful in stealing victim credentials or delivering a malicious payload such as ransomware.

These email attacks are a common way attackers infiltrate your network and accounts and exploit your trusted status to launch supply chain attacks on your suppliers and customers. The damage can be something from which businesses never recover. Neglecting email security is a high-risk gamble that will jeopardise your company’s success.

Awareness is increasing, but so is the quality of the criminal tactics. You can’t afford to take the chance on leaving your people and your business exposed to the threat – particularly when 65% of affected businesses report a loss of productivity and ongoing reputational damage. Our email security solution stays up-and-running when it’s competitors suffer downtime. It’s a future-proof, scalable solution supported by experts who are experienced in combating the threats facing your business.

Neuways provide the best in email security

Why choose Neuways for your email security?

We'll secure your email and support your business

We don’t offer our customers solutions we aren’t prepared to use ourselves, and this is the case with email security. Our email security solution is deployed across every email account at Neuways. Our customers can be assured it’s a solution that will protect and add value to their business with extensive archiving and recoverability features that offer standout advantages over competitors.

In addition, our customers benefit from a large number of experienced and certified technicians who not only work with this solution for customers, but in their own everyday work too.

We know that email is a critical part of every successful business, and that the right email security paired with expert support can empower you to connect with new opportunities and partners and grow your business with confidence. You can trust Neuways to provide you with the best email security solutions and support to enable you to do this.

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