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Neuways “Backup” FAQ

“Backup” FAQ – This page may help you find all the answers to your “Backup” queries. Any further questions, please fill in our contact form.

A backup is a copy of your data that can be restored in the event of data loss. If you’re sensible, your business will have a reliable, secure way of backing up.
Data loss is serious. For example, if a PC hard drive or even your server fails, any data created or modified since your last back up will be lost. Backing up regularly should be a key part of every business’ day-to-day planning.
Well, look at it this way; your company suffers a catastrophic data loss and you need to restore from a backup – essentially rewinding to a point in time in the past, and starting again from there, without all the work from the meantime. Do you want to go back to a) last month, b) last week, c) yesterday or d) an hour ago?
Yes, pretty impressive, right? Neuways can point you in the right direction.
It can be – but it doesn’t have to be. Neuways can help you navigate the world of backups and improve your company’s policies, or help you establish new ones. Just get in touch!
  • “We have worked in partnership for many years with Smarterways and this continues now with Neuways. The additional server we recently purchased has undoubtedly improved processes across multiple sites in our business. From specification through to install, our needs have been met once again by their expertise and knowledge. Special thanks to all those involved.”

    Nexon Group
  • “The communication and response before, during and after our 365 migration was first class from both our Account Manager and the assigned Support Technician. Definitely choose Neuways.”

  • “Benefiting from Neuways experience has switched my way of thinking regarding IT issues and how crucial it is to trust your IT adviser. We have total faith in the products and service Neuways provide for us.”

    WPS Westward
  • “For years we’ve used Neuways and could not be happier. Good quality service with fast resolve times and excellent management. The dedication to system improvements and training of the technicians is outstanding. I would give these guys a five-star rating.”

    Havwoods LTD
  • “Neuways have taken the time to gain a greater understanding of our business requirements. This has enabled them to implement immediate IT improvements as well as advising on longer term strategies. Our dedicated Neuways account manager and technicians collaborate with us and share their knowledge and experience to provide responsive tailored solutions.”

    Castings PLC
  • “We praise the Neuways technical team, our IT is working well for us and Neuways support has helped free up a lot of our time.”

    Specialist Tiling Supplies

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