NEUSecure Vulnerability Management

NEUSecure Vulnerability Management, powered by F-Secure, provides enterprise-grade vulnerability scanning and a management solution that gives you time to not only look for business-critical vulnerabilities but to start fixing them.

NEUSecure allows you to identify and manage external threats, report risks, and be compliant with current and future regulations (such as PCI and GDPR).

What is your attack surface?

An organisation’s attack surface is the sum of its IT risk exposure. It crosses all network infrastructure, software, and web applications internally and in the global Internet, and includes an understanding of all points of interaction.

NEUSecure, Powered By F-Secure, identifies where your organisation’s assets are vulnerable, allowing you to minimise your attack surface to reduce risk.

With our external vulnerability scanning, we can map your organisation’s attack surface in the aggregate of:

  • All known, unknown, and potential vulnerabilities critical to business
  • Controls across all software, hardware, firmware, and networks
  • Shadow IT, external misconfigured systems, malware websites, website-linked hosts
  • Partner and contractor security entropy
  • Brand infringements and phishing

Penetration Tests can often be in the cost range of £3,000 per test!

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What Does NEUSecure Include?

Network Audit

Map your attack surface – identify assets for security vulnerabilities, by scanning and monitoring network changes.

  • A fast, reliable port scanner for detection
  • Fast host discovery mode for networks
  • Supports service and Operating System detection
  • Adjusts scan speed to suit network capacity

System Audit

Identify security vulnerabilities associated with configuration errors, improper patch management, implementation oversights and much more.

  • Identifies all known vulnerabilities
  • Scans any network device that talks IP
  • Supports Windows and Linux authenticated scanning
  • Delivers high accuracy, with low false positives and negatives
  • Stays up to date based on public vulnerability databases as well as vulnerabilities – including zero-day threats – discovered during NEUSecure penetration testing

Web Audit

Some web applications hold hidden vulnerabilities that may impact your business.

  • Scan and detect security vulnerabilities within commercial and custom-built web applications.
  • A web application scanner that can identify vulnerabilities within custom applications
  • Supports form-based authentication
  • Supports web application crawling
  • Supports assisted crawling and submission of forms
  • Scalable to allow a limitless number of web application scans

Asset Discovery Audit

Discover external, vulnerable, and misconfigured systems.

  • Detect malware-infected websites
  • Identify assets that are closely connected to you through hosts linked to your organisation’s websites
  • Monitor phishing and brand infringements to protect your brand and intellectual properties against fraudulent or malicious activities

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