Cold Calling: The Fad of Tech Support Scams

Cold Calling: The Fad of Tech Support Scams
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As a business, you may receive numerous amounts of calls pretending to be an IT technician, willing to audit or troubleshoot any problems you may have. This may sound like a perfect opportunity to receive a service for cheap, or for free, but don’t be fooled.

The latest ‘fad’ in scamming businesses is cold calling, in an attempt to gain access to your data or sensitive data. This won’t necessarily apply to the larger businesses, as there are plenty of barriers to pass before gaining access to any form of data, but in smaller businesses you are more vulnerable – as the budget priority usually lies elsewhere, other than IT Security. This is what Neuways refer to as a service that “you don’t think you need it until it’s too late”.

What Should I Look Out For?

With so many different scammers about, it’s unrealistic to pinpoint exact tactics used by every single scammer, but here are some signs to look out for:

  1. Be aware of the company name. If they give you a name, research it. If they give you a well known business’ name, then note down any details they give you and enquire to the business mentioned.
  2. “Can we have access to your systems?” No. Don’t give them access, this can lead to a numerous amount of problems. A legitimate IT company would not request sensitive data from you.
  3. “If we email you, can you click the link provided?” If the cold caller has the conversation with you in regards to your current security situation within your infrastructure, then they can gain knowledge as to whether or not you’ve got anti-virus, anti-malware or even a mail filter. They can attempt to get you to click a link which may contain malicious contents.
  4. Don’t give them anything. They will try their hardest to get past the gatekeeper – keep them locked out. If you require any IT Security or IT Solutions, then do your research beforehand and go to a reputable company, that has a clean reputation. If you consider going for a “cheap” option, then be aware that it could cost a lot more in the future!

I’ve Given A Scammer Access, What Now?

Don’t panic, but take swift action. This can be classed as a data breach, which can be punishable by law, under the Data Protection Act.

Acting on removing any threat as fast as you can is crucial as to how much data is leaked, if any. Your Network Administrator or IT Manager can restrict who can access the network, so locking it down is a necessity.

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