Don’t Become A Victim Of Cybercrime

Don’t Become A Victim Of Cybercrime

At some point, you may have fallen victim to cybercrime – or an attempt may have been made, to make you a victim of cybercrime; from receiving a virus through to a malicious download, or had a hacker attempt to gain access to your computer or personal accounts, it all falls under the same category of cybercrime.

A Typical Victim of Cybercrime

Small businesses tend to be the most common victims of Cybercrime. This is due to a lack of security in place, possibly due to budgets, and they can essentially be a gateway to gain access to bigger targets, through their contacts or other companies they work with.

Nearly half of small businesses have, at some point, fallen victim to cyber attacks, with 60% of those affected closing their doors within 6 months.

Combating Cybercrime

Not protecting your business – regardless of the size, from cybercrime, can be detrimental in damaging your reputation, contacts and even your contacts’ contacts.

Hackers aim to:

  • Gain funds
  • Access data
  • Use your network as part of their “reach” for further cybercrimes
  • Infect more people via your trusted reputation and status

If hackers can infect your computer using viruses that can access your bank account, then you are potentially going to lose out on finances. Financial loss is one of the larger outcomes from malicious cybercrimes.

Accessed data could be used for ransom – they can either create copies of the data, or they can use ransomware to lock you out of your files. Cyberattacks involving ransomware can also result in a complete IT shutdown, impacting many business operations such as VoIP systems, Internet connectivity and even system functionality. Either way, it’s a cybercrime which can impact you greatly.

Once hackers have compromised your IT systems, they can use your name and reputation to aid in further attacks – against your network of contacts. Once they have your credentials, they exploit your trusted status and phish their way around your contact network,  by using your trusted reputation as a legitimate source to trick people into providing information, or allowing the hacker to access their systems and sensitive data.

To help prevent hackers gaining access to your credentials, business systems, finances and data, Neuways provide a range of cyber security solutions that will help to protect every single aspect of your business, from mobile devices to business devices, from your business network to your work devices at home.

Cybercrime Solutions

When we partner with any vendor, we vigorously pursue to acquire the best solution they provide. We acquire the appropriate training or certifications, followed by extensive testing, before we even consider to propose it to our customers.

With the aforementioned training, paired with testing, we ensure that your Cybercrime defence is highly protected – aiding in the continuity of your business. Neuways tailor these Cybercrime solutions to ensure maximum protection is given to your unique set up, as no two business systems are the same.

Our Cybercrime solutions range from:

  • Cloud-based anti-virus
  • Unified Threat Management and Advanced Persistent Threat Management
  • Web and content filtering
  • Next generation firewalls
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Multi Layered Security
  • Email Protection
  • Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Email Archiving
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Content Security

Neuways are dedicated to informing you on the most accurate and cost effective advice, ensuring you are fully protected in the process.

If you were piecing together a jigsaw, you would want all the pieces, right?

If you require further information on safeguarding your business against Cybercrime, get in touch with Neuways today – by visiting our Contact Us page.


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