NEU technologies to replace your SBS 2008 Server

NEU technologies to replace your SBS 2008 Server

NEU technologies to replace your SBS 2008 Server

April 2017 is the end of life date for your SBS Server 2008

Did you know that Microsoft made the decision some time ago to stop supporting the SBS Server 2008? This in turn means that you need to start looking at replacing your existing SBS 2008 with the many new technologies that are currently available.

Talk to us soon in order to keep your business secure.
Neuways is on hand to advise on your next steps, to make sure you are getting the most of out your environment from an IT perspective.

Why you need to change?
There are a number of things to take into consideration with your Small Business Server 2008 coming to the end of its natural life:-

  • Existing email servers will continue to work past this date initially, but will receive no further updates without purchasing ‘custom support’ at an unknown extra cost.
  • Businesses need to understand the security risks they face, as past April Microsoft will stop releasing its free patches, which prevent new vulnerabilities, hacks and viruses.
  • Many applications won’t be supported anymore in the Server 2008 environment, such as Exchange 2007 which will not work with Office 2016. So if you buy any new machines with the newest version of Office on them, then email will not work as it’s not compatible.

With the challenges of ensuring systems are secure, upgrading from SBS 2008 sooner rather than later would be advantageous, as Microsoft have heavily upgraded their servers to include over 300 new features to meet the requirements of the modern business environment.

What you need to do.
Considering the ever evolving network and emerging threat landscape, reaching end of support does require attention. It may even create advantages, as migrating to a newer server solutions can result in new efficiencies, improved performance, reduced maintenance costs, and increased agility—while also keeping your business safer.

Regardless of which path you choose you can rely on Neuways to secure and protect your business environment.

Neuways is here to offer advice on the best solution for you and your business going forward, please call us on 01283 753300, email or fill in the form on our contact page for a fast response.

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