Planning An Office Move?

Planning An Office Move?

Are You Planning An Office Move?

If you’re planning an office move, we would love to help – ensuring you get settled in right away.

In fact, to ensure a smooth office move to your new workplace, you need to keep your IT Support Company informed of your plans throughout the process. If you’re an existing customer, the sooner you let Neuways know you’re planning a move, the sooner we can start working on a seamless IT relocation. Additionally, if you’re supported by Neuways, or searching for a new IT support provider, an office move can be a great opportunity to refresh your IT infrastructure to suit your business aspirations. Either way, communicating early is key!

Below are a few areas that we believe are important to think about, with regards to an office move.

Planning An Office Move:

Have you established your means of Internet connectivity at your new office? You don’t want to be suffering business downtime because of an oversight.

We can help you navigate Internet Service Providers pushing a particular solution and advise you on which option is best for your business and your plans for future growth. The sooner you contact us the better because some Internet access options can take months to install!

Your connection to the internet is becoming more and more important as businesses rely on it for an ever-increasing number of services. A few years ago, most businesses simply used it to access websites and general email communication.

Now, the Internet consists of vital business services such as VoIP for phones calls, remote working and offsite backups to name but a few. Therefore, your choice of internet connectivity when you move to your new location can be critical to the future plans for growing your business.

At Neuways we are on hand to help you navigate through the ever-increasing options such as FTTC, FTTP, satellite and leased line, and we can explain to you in clear, simple, jargon-free terminology what each of these will offer your business, helping you to make the right choice.

We will also give you guidelines on how long it will typically take to install the preferred option – for example, a leased line could take anything up to 90 working days to install, therefore the sooner you tell us about your office move the sooner we can start helping you make these decisions.

Planning An Office Move:

Flexible working is now a basic requirement for most businesses. Laptop, tablet and mobile usage is on the rise. To ensure that this approach isn’t going to be counterproductive though, you need a robust, fast and secure Wi-Fi network, set up by professionals.

Although this can help give your business the competitive advantage as your employees are able to roam the office collaborating more closely with teams they need to, it can also bring its own issues which can actually be counterproductive.

Neuways technicians are highly experienced in Wi-Fi and networking projects, allowing us to tailor your Wi-Fi solution to your business, ensuring reliable, fast and secure connectivity throughout your site.

Without a robust, fast and secure Wi-Fi and networking infrastructure to support this agility, what you will find instead are that people struggle to work as they find applications slow, they find ‘black holes’ in the office Wi-Fi or the Wi-Fi you have might not be secure against unwanted intruders.

Neuways are able to help you with this challenge as we have a carried out a large number of Wi-Fi and networking projects, covering a vast array of different locations, needs and with a number of different Wi-Fi solutions.

We can help you find the one that is right for your business so that your employees have fast, reliable and secure mobile connectivity to enable them in doing their everyday job.

Planning An Office Move:

Your new office needs to be a balance of form and function. Neglecting crucial matters like the number of network ports available, or where you’re going to store your IT equipment could lead to a serious loss of productivity. Most businesses do not move offices on a regular basis and there is usually a large investment made into any new premises, whether this is for the building itself, the fit out or the infrastructure.

Typically we have found that customers would like to “design” into the office maximum flexibility, and we like to be on hand to offer advice about how to get the most effective use out of any IT infrastructure that will be in the office.

The last thing you want to do is spoil your finished office by having to pull up flooring to add more power supplies or network ports. You wouldn’t want to compromise the efficiency of your equipment by storing it somewhere where it is too hot to function. Mistakes like these can have serious operational and financial consequences. We have worked on hundreds of infrastructure installation projects, so we’re more than qualified to cover the things you might not think of.

We can help you plan and decide how many network outlets you need and where they should be, we have helped hundreds of businesses over the past years with these sorts of projects so sometimes we might be able to make suggestions about where extra outlets should go that you haven’t thought of.

We can also give advice on where you IT equipment should go, ideally, this will always be in a locked room with some form of air conditioning to help regulate the temperature, IT kit doesn’t like being too hot and will operate better and often last longer when kept around 20C.

If your office is being fitted out then we can also provide advice on how large or small the ideal IT room should be, what sort of power and contingency you may want for your IT kit (UPS, generator/both).

As Soon As You’re Contemplating An Office Move, Get In Touch With Neuways

We can help you ensure that your move goes smoothly. Think about it: you wouldn’t move into a new office without speaking to professionals to do your plumbing or your electricity – and it would be inadvisable to move your IT infrastructure without speaking to the experts! We will provide the best advice, tailored to your business, considering your unique needs and aspirations for growth. Get in touch today!

Your Office Move IT Checklist

#1. Internet Connectivity

Ethernet? Or Wi-Fi?

#2. Power Supplies & Network Ports

Have you got enough power outlets? Have you got enough network ports? Are they positioned correctly?

#3. IT Equipment Storage Space

Is your IT equipment storage space at the appropriate temperature? Have you got security in place to avoid theft or malicious activity?

#4. Phone Systems

What phone setup are you aiming to implement? PoE? Or are you sticking to the traditional mains? What phone system are you implementing?

#5. Data Protection

Have you got backups of your business systems? What about full recovery solution in the event of data loss? Have you considered how you’re formatting and disposing of old equipment and devices?

Require IT Services? Solutions? Support? Security?

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