Neuways GDPR Compliance

Helping You Understand Your GDPR Responsibilities

At Neuways, we are taking steps to ensure we are GDPR ready.

Are you working on your responsibilities for GDPR?


How is personal data used within your business, and what are the processes behind that data? How is it managed?


You need to identify what personal data you hold, how it is held and where it is held. Is that location secure? Is it suitable for the type of information?


Establish security controls for the personal data you hold, which prevents, detects and responds to vulnerabilities and breaches within your business.


Ensure that you keep an audit trail, manage your Data Subject Access Requests & manage any breach notifications:

  • If there is a possibility of a data breach, you need to inform the ICO.
  • If a data breach is detrimental to a natural person, they must also be informed.

For Further Information On GDPR, Visit Our GDPR Library

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