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A move to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365 might be the key to unlocking your full business potential and increasing productivity. Regardless of your size or location, there is a suitable Office 365 plan for everyone which can enable flexible working and collaboration.

Neuways aims to answers those all important questions:

  • What is Office 365?
  • How might Office 365 benefit my business?
  • What are the different licences available for Office 365?

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a cloud-based system which allows software to be purchased and managed via a monthly or yearly subscription payment model. At its most basic, it is used to licence Microsoft Office. However, when used to its fullest capacity Office 365 is a complete solution for a cloud-based workplace.

How might Office 365 benefit your business?

We find that businesses move to Office 365 to embrace the latest cloud-based technology and keep their systems up to date. Customers understand the importance of having solutions that are available on the go quickly and efficiently.

To give you an idea, here are a few package examples Neuways have implemented for our customers:

  • Email only.
  • Cloud based Office applications with emails.
  • On-premise downloadable applications with email.
  • Optional additions of Skype for Business (instant messaging), SharePoint (cloud based file hosting) and OneDrive (cloud based file sharing).

What is the difference between Office 365 subscriptions and perpetual business licences?

Microsoft provides many types of licencing so it’s understandable if you get it slightly confused. When considering the type of licence you should purchase think about the following:

What will the total cost be to my business?

Office 365 subscriptions are a lower initial cost but over the years will begin to add up where-as perpetual business licences are a high initial cost but you own it once you pay for it.

What if I want to upgrade in the future?

As perpetual licences are a one-off cost, once you’ve purchased it you won’t be able to upgrade to any new versions unless you purchase software assurance. As Office 365 is a subscription based yearly renewal, it gives you the opportunity to upgrade as and when versions are available.

What if I have more than one device?

Great news if you are looking at Office 365, it allows you to install 5 licences per user meaning your ‘user account’ can install it on a laptop, PC, Tablet, phone and still have one spare. Perpetual licences will only allow one licence install – if you try to add the same licence onto another device you will be going against Microsoft’s Acceptable Use policy.

Do we need a licence for every user?

Yes, every individual user needs a licence, however a Shared Mailbox is free and requires no Office 365 licence. There are limits to using a Shared Mailbox and if you want to stay within the free licence then the email box cannot grow larger than 50GB, if it exceeds the 50GB limits it needs an individual base licence.

Want Office 365? Need Office 365? Have Office 365.

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