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We’re Mimecast partners, providing the world’s leading email security solution.

Protecting the emails of over 28,000 customers

With the overwhelming majority of business security breaches beginning with malicious or phishing emails, Neuways wanted an email solutions partner that is in a league of its own, offering unrivalled email security.

Mimecast solutions protect the emails of over 28,000 customers and their millions of users worldwide against targeted attacks, data leaks, malware, and spam. It is a single cloud solution that inspects incoming and outgoing emails, and provides broader, more comprehensive protection from targeted threats.

About Mimecast

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“Security breaches, data leaks and email-based attacks are a real threat to your organisation. Now, more than ever, you need a new approach to email security and management. Don’t let the limitations of traditional technologies prevent you from protecting email and corporate information.”


Email security, anti-spam filtering, email archiving and email continuity.

Neuways, a long-standing Mimecast Partner

Neuways, as a long-standing Mimecast Partner, has considerable experience working with Mimecast’s solutions and architecture.

Neuways and Mimecast became partners to ensure that Neuways customers receive the very best email security solutions and advice. And with Neuways trusting Mimecast with our own email security, we feel very confident that there are real, tangible benefits for our customers.

Why Mimecast?

Learn more about why we chose to partner with Mimecast

Mimecast is an industry-leading, award-winning email security solutions provider. They offer the best in MSP-delivered email security and, as a channel partner, we are able to manage and monitor our customers’ Mimecast solutions to troubleshoot issues and ensure ongoing security.