Why did Neuways choose Scale?

Scale Computing identifies that SMBs have limited technology resources, such as IT staff, ageing IT equipment and limited backups. Scale Computing provide Hyperconvergence infrastructure solutions which allow SMBs to utilise modern technology resources. The advantages include high availability, high scalability and high performance, all without the huge price tags or high administrative burden.

As a Scale Computing partner and a hyperconvergence expert, Neuways can help your business through the transition to a new infrastructure, allowing for an all-in-one solution for servers, storage and virtualisation.

Scale Computing

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“Scale Computing is the industry leading application platform for EDGE computing environments covering global retail, manufacturing, financial services and government. Driven by patented technologies, HC3 systems install in minutes, can be expanded without downtime, self-heal from failures, and optimise workloads with highly efficient and cost-effective architecture.”
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