Why did Neuways choose Uniconta?

Neuways consultants have spent decades implementing and optimising Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems across all industries. Now, with the advancements in IT infrastructure, too many companies – particularly SMBs – are struggling on with outdated ERP systems. Uniconta offers the perfect solution for those businesses who have been left behind – a new 100% cloud-based ERP system that is modular and flexible so it can be customised to suit your business’ needs.

Uniconta and Neuways share a common goal of improving businesses with the right ERP solutions and we are very happy to be a Uniconta partner, able to offer their outstanding solution without implementation and support services.


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“Uniconta was founded by Software Engineer Erik Damgaard. With thirty years experience in the development of globally recognised ERP systems, he has established himself as one of the most reputed experts in his field. The combination of such software development skills as well as a commercial understanding of system development and software architecture make Uniconta a revolutionary new business and ERP solution.”
Cloud-based enterprise resource planning.

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