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Your business is under constant attack from cybercriminals that are seeking to hold you to ransom, divert money from you and your suppliers or use your credentials to purchase high-value goods that they receive, and you pay for. Sometimes they want to hijack your systems to commit larger crimes and cover their tracks.

Deploying technology such as firewalls, email filters and web checkers will make your safer, but any action you take can be worthless if you have a poor password policy.

If it's password protected, there's a reason why

Your company must have an effective password policy in place and means of ensuring it is enforced. If you don’t have the capacity to implement and enforce this, you should consider speaking to a Managed Security Service Provider like Neuways. Lack of a well designed and implemented password policy can leave your business inherently vulnerable no matter what other security measures you have in place.

Neuways cannot stress strongly enough the need for strong passwords. Thousands of pounds of financial damages and years of reputational damage can ensue from poor passwords. Don’t risk the future of you business on reluctance to act now and implement small yet highly beneficial changes at your company.

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