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Phishing Awareness Training

Phishing Awareness Training

Phishing attacks can bring businesses crashing to the ground – they are easy to fall for and deadly to businesses. Not being Phishing Aware as a business will be costly, sooner or later – it’s just a matter of time.

A phishing attack is usually sent as an email communication. The recipient is asked to click a link or open a document, both of which will contain a form of malware which will cripple your systems or compromise the login details of the user giving the criminals access to your systems and data.
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What is Phishing Awareness Training?

Phishing awareness training is essential to ensure your business stays cyber safe. By making sure your employees can tell the difference between a normal email and a phishing email, you are doing everything you can to avoid a successful breach. You can have IT security in place, but if an employee opens up a link in a phishing email, it will lead to a criminal attack on your business.

What you get with your training

Unlimited Use

There are three Training Access Levels, allowing access to a content library of 500+ items based on your subscription level. There is unlimited access to all phishing features, with flexible licensing, and new features frequently added.

Phis Your Users

Users will be sent simulated phishing attacks, to see if they are caught out. Reply tracking shows you if a user replies to a simulated attack or marks the email as spam. This tells you whether staff require further training, or if they are ready to identify a real-life cyber attack. Attachments can include Word, PowerPoint, PDF and Excel, to provide a variety of potential phishing attacks.

Variety of Training Methods

There are plenty of different ways the user can take part in our training. Through videos, games, posters, newsletters and interactive modules, there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Social Engineering Indicators

Patented technology transforms each simulated phishing email into a training opportunity. Users who are tricked can be shown exactly how they were duped, through highlighting the red flags in the email. This could be the formatting of the email, stretched out artwork or an incorrect email address.

Custom Landing Pages

If a user clicks through from a simulated phishing email, they can be taken to a custom landing page. This can inform them they’ve been caught out, but can emphasise the reasons why they were, for an instant lesson.

Automated Security Awareness Programme (ASAP)

A brand-new tool for IT professionals, ASAP allows you to create a customised Security Awareness Programme. It will give you the opportunity to implement as much or as little of certain modules you require. A tailored training programme for you and your business to interact with can be created in a matter of a few minutes.

Phishing Alert Button

The Phish Alert add-on button allows users to forward any potential email threats to the security team. They will then deal with the threat, informing the user and protecting their inbox from any harm – with one quick click.

Detailed Reporting

Reports on each phishing campaign are provided. These delve into exceptional depth, providing the user with an ability to break down each simulated attack. Customisable reports allow you to present the findings of your training sessions with colleagues within your business.

Want to find out more?

Want to find out more?

Emotet malware blog
Emotet malware blog

The Damaging Impact of Malware

Depending on the type of malware, it works its way into a business’ system to access and hold to ransom company data. This could be user information, like login and password details, or critical data that your business will be unable to operate without. These breaches can lead to significant company downtime, loss of business and reputation, fines from the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), as well as ransoms issued by the criminals.

There has been a significant increase in phishing attacks as staff revert to working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The way we communicate and work remotely has created a perfect storm for the phishing attack criminals.

It is, therefore, incredibly important to ensure that all of your staff are well trained to both recognise and avoid phishing attacks – for the safety of your business.

Why Neuways for your Phishing Awareness Training?


Phishing awareness training from Neuways provides your business with a simple and easy-to-administer programme to ensure all your staff can identify a phishing attack.

There is no specialist equipment or software required – just an internet connection. Users are provided with a login to an industry leading online learning platform, giving the user access to complete their training whenever they wish.

Our cyber security expertise means that our customers have access to a wealth of phishing knowledge and experience resulting in the best training available. The variety of training methods, including video and interactive modules among others, ensure that everyone can access this awareness training and come away with the confidence to spot and reject a phishing attack.

Want to find out more?

Want to find out more?

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