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A Neuways IT Strategy Review can unlock the potential of your IT

If you’re a growing business, it is crucial that you consider how your IT can assist in the delivery of growth. Lack of an IT strategy can leave you purchasing ‘point solutions’ – solutions that are purchased to solve immediate problems – at a rate that can impact on your development.

Furthermore, the support of these point solutions is often acquired on a break/fix basis, meaning support for your new devices can be spread across multiple providers which can reduce your efficiency in troubleshooting issues.

You also need to consider other factors that impact your IT, such as end-of-life and loss of support for older hardware and software, as well as ever-evolving security risks. Your business needs to meet regulatory obligations in relation to data security, licencing and other legislation to remain compliant and avoid expensive legal action and reputational damage.

For a company that is content, or even stagnant, an IT Strategy Review may seem like an unnecessary expense. For a company with ambitions for growth, it can be the key to unlocking the potential of your IT.

Why choose Neuways?

Leverage your existing infrastructure

Our IT strategy reviews are about helping you get the best out of your current equipment, not selling you more.

Deliver growth for your company

Learn how to utilise your IT infrastructure to help your business develop and grow.

Improve your IT system security

Security is always a priority when we review IT infrastructure – we can make your business safer.

Improve your business processes

Learn how to harness the power of your IT to make your business run smoother and more productively.

Neuways IT Strategy Review

Neuways have world-class IT implementation experts

Neuways have significant experience in helping businesses of all sizes and industries develop and implement effective IT Strategies. Director Martin Roberts is a former Head of European IT for a FTSE 100 organisation and has gone on to implement and optimise IT systems and business processes across organisations of all sizes. There is an in-depth understanding across Neuways that IT is not just something to be fixed and supported – it’s an enterprise tool that can give you the edge in the marketplace.

During your strategy review, a Senior Business Analyst will gather information about the business processes within your organisation. A Senior Technical Systems Architect will review your existing IT infrastructure, identify any weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and provide proposals to remedy them. Together, they’ll be able to analyse how your IT can serve and optimise your business processes.

In the event of the strategy determining that new technical solutions are required then this will be designed trying to make the best use of existing investments. Neuways will always act in the best interests of clients and never push solutions unless they are appropriate for the customer on a technical and financial level.

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