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Your employees can be your strongest IT asset – but they can also be your weakest

As many as 70% of successful cyber attacks on businesses start with employee error. That’s because cybercriminals will often take “the path of least resistance” – the easiest way in. Unfortunately, lack of awareness and training amongst workforces means that the path of least resistance often involves exploiting your employees with social engineering techniques like phishing emails.

Neuways offer a range of different courses for every IT subject you could want training on. Whether it be simple awareness lessons or courses for official certification, we have a training package to suit, delivered by industry experts.

Get The Best Out Of Your Staff

Cyber Security training

Educate your people on cyber security so they can help defend your business.

Get the best out of your IT

Learn about new ways of using your existing IT infrastructure to boost productivity and help your business grow.

Get certification for your people

Get industry-recognised certification for your business and your people to advance your profile in the marketplace.

Invest in your workforce and boost morale

Investing in training for your people shows them you care and boosts their confidence on subjects, which can increase productivity.

Why Do I Need IT Training?

Help your people defend your business and get the best out of your IT

Awareness of the threats facing businesses in cyberspace has not increased at the same rate businesses have adopted new technologies and practices. In many cases, staff are not even up to speed with all the advantages of new software they’re working with on a daily basis.

From educating your staff on how to spot a phishing email to helping them get the best out of Office 365, we have training courses ready-made for your business.

Move Your Business Forward

Future-proof learning

Ensuring your business saves money, while progressing further

Our courses are built around everyday business needs and real-world solutions, so we can deliver most of our courses online, although our conveniently placed learning centres have been spread throughout the UK to ensure accessibility.

Frequently assessed to ensure they are always up-to-date, our courses are focused on developing skills that are immediately applicable in the workplace.

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