Managed Security Services

A Managed Security Service Provider on your side, defending your business

Your experienced Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

A Managed Security Service Provider that you can trust with your cyber security

Neuways are an award-winning, leading managed security service provider (MSSP). Our managed security service plans combine leading-edge security solutions with management and monitoring by experienced technicians. As a Managed Security Service provider, our business is keeping your business safe in cyberspace – protecting you, your people, your customers and your reputation.

In the current threat landscape, you need a holistic approach that encompasses prevention, protection, monitoring, detection and response. Failing to bring your company’s cyber security up to standard is an amateurish, high-risk strategy for your business.

This is because cybercrime is an increasingly professionalised business. You need professionals on your side, ensuring your business is safe. Neuways allow you to focus on your core business whilst working collaboratively with your staff to secure your company in cyberspace.

What can Managed Security Services offer you?

The benefits of having a Managed Security Service Provider


Neuways work with security-focused partners to provide the best security solutions for your business.


Neuways have technicians on hand to configure, manage and monitor all the products we offer, with rapid responses to alerts and concerns.

Threat Intelligence
and Analysis

Our analysts are subject matter specialists who keep up to speed with emerging threats to help protect your business with early warnings.

Your Partner
Against Cybercrime

We work collaboratively with your staff to educate and inform, holistically building up your resilience to cyber attacks.

Securing Every

We work with you to ensure that all of your business is safe, whether that’s online or offline.

Best Cyber Security

Not only do we protect you, but we also offer advice and best practice examples for your cyber security.

Choosing The Right Managed Security Service Provider

Neglecting your cyber security is gambling with the future of your company

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Why Managed Security Services?

Phishing. Ransomware. Man-in-the-Middle attacks. Spyware. Viruses. Supply chain attacks. Software exploits. Employee error. Data breaches. The attack surface of the modern business is larger than ever before. It is no surprise that cybercriminals are professionalising to exploit vulnerable businesses and turn a profit. Even nation states are getting in on the act and targeting businesses of all sizes. Managed Security Services helps to prevent cybercriminals from exploiting your business.

Cyber Security Is At Our Core

Unlike many IT Support companies, Neuways are a dedicated managed security service provider. This means that instead of responding to security concerns after they’ve happened and you’ve notified your IT Support provider of a security breach, we offer the best cyber security solutions and proactively manage and monitor your environment to prevent security breaches from happening in the first place.

Experienced, Exceptional Cyber Security

Neuways have a vast amount of experience in providing exceptional cyber security. We only offer our customers outstanding solutions, many of which we use ourselves and all which have undergone rigorous testing. Alongside these solutions, you’ll benefit from a dedicated team of IT Support analysts and service consultants specifically assigned to support your company, who are all committed to the delivery of professional excellence and expertise.

How makes Neuways a different Managed Security Service Provider?

As your Managed Security Service Provider, we embed ourselves into your business, meaning we treat your business as if it were our own. This gives you peace of mind when facing the current attack landscape – because we care about your business. If it’s not security-driven, then it’s not right for your business.

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What Makes Our IT Support Helpdesk Great?

8.5 Seconds
Average Waiting Time
SLAs Met
Supported Businesses
Dedicated Technicians
Days Available Per Year
UK-Based, Real People

3 Reasons to choose Neuways as your MSSP

We don’t just support, we secure and strategise.

A longterm solution,
not a quick fix

Managed Service Providers find a long-term solution for your IT problems. This ensures the continuity of your business, unlike an IT Support company who only find a fix for individual problems and don’t take a holistic approach to your IT systems and security – Neuways do.

Supporting your
best interests

We can include consultancy and project work hours into our MSP plans meaning your IT grows and prospers in a secure manner. This strategic work runs alongside your support leading to a holistic IT approach bespoke to your business – not a one size fits all approach.

Quick support
when you need “IT”

With an average time of 8.5 seconds to answer your call (that’s 3 rings), we pride ourselves with our prompt response rates. Our Technical Support desk of 40+ technicians means we can ensure that your business remains supported and secure when you need it most.

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